Veterinary Health and Animal Care Products

Vetina is a procurement and distribution company for veterinary health and other animal care products. We cover a wide range of health needs (drugs, veterinary hospital supplies and equipment) associated with the raising, caring and health of Livestock, Poultry and Companion Animals.

What we do

Acting as an intermediary and partner, Vetina provides comprehensive sales, marketing and distribution services for research organizations and manufacturers of animal health and equipment products. For both, veterinarians and animal owners, Vetina is a trusted source of high quality products coupled with an efficient delivery process.

All Vetina products are sourced from GMP-compliant manufacturers in India and abroad. We are the authorized distributors of Henry Schein Inc.'s animal health products in India. Henry Schein Inc. is one of the world's largest providers of health care products and services for dental, animal health and medical professionals.

How we do it

Veterinary Products

We provide a host of products that help you keep your pets away from any uninvited dangers. Our products are well tested and are 100% safe for consumption for your loving pets. The product range can be categorized as follows Companion Products, Ruminant Products, Poultry Products, and Companion Pet Foods.

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